Todd: Randy obviously it’s a huge night for you and Evolution. Later tonight you face Shelton Benjamin.

Randy: You know what Todd? Le me ask you a question. what’s tomorrow? What is tomorrow comin’ for? 

Todd: Umm

Randy: Exactly right. You don’t know. I’m gonna tell you. Tomorrow March, it’s the half year anniversary that I’ve been Intercontinental Champion.I’ve had the longest reign with this title in the last seven years. Okay, in the last pay-per-view that I was on, i left Mick Foley in a pool of his own blood and I beat him at his own game. Now granted that Shelton Benjamin is a better athlete than Mick Foley, there’s something that Shelton Benjamin will never have and that is… greatness. I am a living legend.I…Are you people booing me? You people disagree with me? Oh okay, do you know what greatness is? You people! I’m 24 years old and I’ve accomplished way more than anyone in that arena put together okay! Keep talking smack test me. I will come out there.I will come out there. Anyway Todd as I was saying… 

Okay, you know what, you know what? You did it. Camera man follow me, follow the IC champ we’re going for a walk. You people wanna boo me? You people don’t know who I am? I am Randy Orton third generation Superstar. You people are in for a treat. You want me to come out early? I have this your way. GET A LOOK AT GREATNESS. HUH.HAVE A LOOK.HAVE A FREAKIN’ LOOK. 

You’re lookin’ at the man that ended Mick Foley’s career. You’re looking at the man that spit in Mick Foley’s face. You people have your jobs. You people have your jobs. Sure you work hard, you work hard for the pay. You work hard to become the employee of the month. That’s greatness to you. But this is real greatness(raises the IC belt). You’re lookin’ at greatness people.

That’s right. That’s just my point. There’s millions of people like you. There’s millions of people. There’s millions of people…like you. That’s just my point, you’ll see Randy Orton is one in a million. 


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